I picked up, “Mom” Viewtron #2 by Sam Sharpe, at SPX knowing little more than I liked the illustration style and that it was one this years Ignatz nominees. Unexpectedly it hit really close to home for me. The story focuses on the struggle of dealing with a family member who suffers from mental illness. Having grown up with an Uncle similarly afflicted I could really relate. I think the choice to use animals to tell the story lightens the tone some and adds a a great visual componenent. To find out more, get copy or see some o the other awesome stuff Sam Sharpe is doing follow the link below.

The Run Down

Eating Out

Small Press Expo is deffinately now my new favorite Con. In addition to meeting some great artists and picking up a bunch of swag, they had some really great panel discussions. Perhaps my favorite was Dan Kois interview of Lynda Barry. Her enthusiasm for comics and visual arts is incredible. I was really bummed when I tried to grab her newest book Syllabus and everybody was sold out. Sad face. It was for the best as I was better able to support a number of artists who aren’t listed on Amazon. Once I get caught up on some homework I’ll do some write ups.

Packing MY Lunch!

Eating Out

I’m headed to the Small Press Expo this weekend. Last year I missed out because of my work schedule which
makes me even more stoked to make it through this year. I look forward to seeing Cuddles and Rage ( ) along with a gang of oher dope artists. What’s even better is its only 20 bucks for both days! I’m already scheming on some PBJ and the guest panel schedule.
Stay tuned for the post game. In the meantime peep the SPX site and/ or if you’re in the capitol district check it out.