This is it!



Stop Biting is a term originating from the B-Boy scene in the 80’s. It stresses the importance of originality by calling out copy cats as biters. For almost 9 years the weekly Stop Biting night has been home to a diversity of hip hop innovators: on the floor, on the mic, and behind the decks. Excited for the opportunity to revisit this dope spot at the end of the month I made this flyer.

Here’s an article The Stranger did:
Stop Biting

2 thoughts on “This is it!

  1. Awesome flyer…is it a concept or will it actually be used to promote Stop Biting night?

    PS: Glad to hear you’ve never split or shit your pants while dancing (although the toe story sounds pretty…intense).

    1. It’ll probably make a few rounds on facebook at the least. Truthfully I’m reworking it selfishly to print on a T-shirt.

      Lol. Breaking my toe was more annoying than anything. The worst part was that none of my friends would set it so I actually had to go to the E.R.

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