Man to Murse


While I’ve been remiss in posting anything to this blog for a while, I haven’t stopped working. Last spring I was accepted to an accelerated nursing program in Rochester, NY which has been intense to say the least. Never the less, I have been documenting my impressions and experiences for each semester and publishing them in a zine, “Man to Murse”. I’m pleased to say that I just releases the second issue. If you’re interested in a copy Ill be dropping some off, both smester 1 and Semester 2 at Fantom comics in DC this week. If you don’t live near dc and you’d like a copy hit me up:





My last post was a segment from a project I’m in the middle of that is almost entirely without words. So when I stumbled upon Monsters by Gustavo Duarte I was sold almost immediately. This book is comprised of three stories told entirely through pantomime. Through the use of a well executed layout, and simple graphic illustration Duarte has created a comic experience tantamount to watching a piece of animation. Often while reading comics with words I find myselfing swinging from thought bubble to thought bubble and simply scanning the art as if it were merely puctuation. Reading Monsters was refreshing break from this as it was all pictures.